Appleby and Bee Bell's Curious Garden Adventure


Adults will enjoy the humor in this fantasy book. Kids will like the story. Win-win!

Topsoil is disappearing all over The Garden. No one knows how or why, but if it doesn’t stop, the entire four-county garden could be ruined forever. Elf Appleby has been charged with going to see The Garden Oracle to find out what is happening and how to stop it. Together with his best friend, fairy Bee Bell, and his pet slug and constant companion, Spot, they travel to the capital city where The Oracle resides. Along the way, their curious garden adventure takes them places they have never been before – over the incredibly tall (more than five feet!) Rocky Mountains, across the dreadful Moors, and deep into the cave of the fabled Giant Rabbit. They meet new friends and interesting characters, and face terrible dangers like the pincer clacking earwigs. This is an adventure that can only happen in a magical land like The Garden.

131 pages

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