Basic Training for Direct Service Providers


Seven training topics written in easy to understand language for staff persons supporting adults with developmental disabilities. Now you can teach your staff basic fundamentals of behavior without paying an "expert" to do your trainings for you. This copyrighted material is for use within your own agency and not intended for anyone to go into business as an independent trainer.

Basic Principles of Behavior covers the definition of a developmental disability, how to define specific behaviors, and a basic understanding of behavior causes.

Behavior Reinforcement covers positive and negative reinforcement, type I and II punishment, primary and secondary reinforcers, and the use of reinforcement for behaviors.

Ethical Issues covers the rights of people with disabilities, confidentiality, and the care and supervision of clients.

Instructional Processes covers functional programming and basic instructional methods such as a prompting hierarchy, shaping and chaining.

Behavior Management covers some principles of behavior management as well as interim management strategies (what can we do while the client's service/behavior support plan is still being worked on?).

Data Collection covers assessments (types and why do we do them?) and tracking sheets.

Service Plans shows what information a well written plan for skills and behaviors should include, as well as how to arrive at those decisions.

Each topic takes approximately 2 hours to cover, so the entire package is about 14 hours of basic training.

Each topic includes a competency test (with an answer sheet!)

The set includes a power point slide presentation for each topic, although if you don't have a digital projector, you can still present the trainings; and files to print Key Point pages for attendee packets.

I realize that these very brief descriptions may not instill you with total confidence that I know what I'm talking about, so, samples of each training topic are available at no charge. Yes... that's free samples!  Contact John at