Customizable Staff Orientation


If you are assuming that the staff you hired all have common sense and will do the right thing when you tell them to “work with Bob today,” then you haven’t been a supervisor very long. Spell it out to avoid confusion! “Work with?” What does that mean? How can you discipline someone for breaking the rules when you haven’t clearly explained the rules? I hate when that happens. And if you explain things first, you might be surprised how that cuts down on the need to discipline staff.

There are 9 sections in this orientation: Basic Orientation, Administrative Requirements, General House Guidelines, Ethical Issues, Basic Principles of Behavior, Instructional Processes, Reinforcement, Interim Management Strategies, Data Collection, and Vocational Training.

There is also an index, a list of terms and acronyms and check off sheets for when each section is completed.

There may be some pieces of information or even whole sections that don’t apply to your program. That’s OK. Just delete those sections and write in what does apply. It’s in a Word file so you can easily make changes.

The point is; this is extremely customizable to your specific program. I am giving you some ideas of what might be included and a way you might lay it out. If you can use whole sections of what is here, and save yourself a bunch of time, then you have spent your dollars very wisely and it’s no wonder that you get paid the big money. Your agency is lucky to have you.