Down Time Plan


What do your clients and staff do during times of slow/no work in your vocational program?

Here is an idea generating book for vocational program down time activities. Over 20 ideas are included (which will hopefully inspire even more ideas of your own) with suggestions for implementing the activities. Suggestions include how to talk to your adult clients about topics such as "Appropriate Work Behavior" and "Job Search Training" (What kinds of jobs are there? Where do you look for a job? Applications and Interviews).

Downtime headings are broken down into 3 basic headings: Brief (up to a few hours), Moderate (1-2 days), and Severe (3 or more days in length).

Ideas include the obvious Maintenence/Clean-up and Quality Control Discussion as well as Functional Literacy and Functional Number Skills Training, Mobility Training and Job Related Topics such as dress and hygiene, reaction to supervisors, and getting along with co-workers, as well as a Tool Identification Bee, and more.