Help May Be On Its Way


Mary Goodensweet has a perfect life. Almost. What is a girl to do when two men are wooing her? Handsome and daring sheriff Stanley Sterling loves Mary. Unfortunately, Stanley isn’t the sharpest stick in the woodpile. The slick Horace Hateful also is wooing Mary. In fact, he is pressing her hard to marry him… soon.

When the deed to Mary’s property comes up mysteriously missing, it is up to the daring Stanley to discover what happened to it before Horace can fulfill his dream of extortion and married bliss. Good and evil… evil and good… is help really on the way?

Three characters -2 males, 1 female. One person may play both male parts.

Approximately 20 minutes.

Minimal set and props required.

Show kit includes 4 scripts (characters and director) and royalties for as many performances as you want for a full month..