Now What?


A test of the world’s first time machine ends in disaster when it falls short of its target, mistakenly picks up an army officer about to go into battle with General Custer and brings him into a world 142 years later. The officer must cope with the shock of the future. Not only is everything strange and frightening, he finds out what happened to his troops and his reputation when he was removed from the battle of the Little Big Horn.

The scientists involved in the project must deal with the shock of their mistake, hide the officer from the press, and figure out what to do with him. To complicate matters, professional spies and a couple of local small time crooks enter the picture in an attempt to steal the plans for the time machine to auction off to foreign powers.

Every turn of the story leaves all of the characters wondering what could possibly happen next, until the climatic showdown with the scientists, the spies and crooks, the officer and his future… filmed live by a persistent reporter.

190 pages