Ropin' the Wind


Action and humor fill this western adventure.

Bronco Bob, cowboy magician, isn't a real magician; he just knows some tricks so he doesn't have to carry a gun to get the bad guys. He and his cowgal pal, Loretta, think they've found a home in Moonlight Valley, but there’s trouble on the Box Double Bar Flying Diamond W ranch. Cattle rustling leads to an ambush. Kidnapping is mixed with blackmail.

Bronco Bob is determined to unravel the mystery with the help of Loretta, but the bad guys have a different plan and Bob and Loretta become a problem that needs to be dealt with. Unfortunately, this proves to be harder than anticipated. Perhaps the hired gun, Wild Willy, put it best when he said, "Tryin' to catch Bronco Bob is like ropin' the wind. You think you got 'em, but when you pull the loop tight, there's nobody there!

120 pages

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